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What's new at Bonnie Boo?

It's been a good week here at Bonnie Boo Towers and the weekend is now in sight! We've had a bit of fun taking pictures of some new products and we've now added them to our website, having introduced a new section featuring gifts to celebrate the announcement of a pregnancy. Read on, and you'll see they make quite useful presents!

First up we've got a chalkboard countdown plaque which can be updated every week until baby is due. It's handmade,comes with a stick of chalk and of course is beautifully wrapped the Bonnie Boo way with decorations included. It's a charming gift to give as soon as a pregnancy is announced. And so that everyone can feel involved, we've ordered some more plaques for grandparents and big brothers and sisters too; they will be available soon. The plaques are great value at £7.

Our other new gift is even more useful and will serve as a treasured keepsake of the pregnant months. It's a journal with lots of useful sections and places to keep things - like a scan picture - safe. In the week-by-week section you can record all sorts of things from feelings to cravings and much more besides. It also acts as as a planner where you can keep track of appointments. Each week features a fun fact of how big baby is at that time, for example 'This week baby is the size of a peach'. Can you guess what week that's for? It's actually week 13. And at week 31, it's the size of a coconut! Once again it's lovingly wrapped and packed with floral decorations and it costs £10. It will be something special to look back at, after baby is born.

We're also starting to plan in a few events in the run up to Christmas so if you're in the Reading area, you might even see us out and about! STOP! Did we really just mention Christmas? We want to enjoy what's left of summer first!

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